Identify new products worldwide

Our easy-to-use software finds the new products that are relevant 

for you and tracks product success immediately after market launch. 

Identify new products worldwide

Our easy-to-use software find the new products that are relevant for you and track product success immediately after market launch.

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Our AI-driven software scans millions of products automatically. This makes us faster and more precise than any market research.


Challenge our system and find out how many new products you haven't identified.

How this works

Send us a list of new products that you‘ ve discovered through research over the past 3 months.

We check for free whether our system would have found all products.

You get access to our software and can see which products you haven’t discovered that are relevant to you.

"Manufacturers need a solution such as Ecomda to understand what is happening in their market. "

Consumer Insight Manager – Unilever

Who is Ecomda for?


Identify new trend products and gain in-depth industry knowledge. 

R & D

Skip resource-intensive desk research and use an intelligent analytics system.

Category Management

Identify which product categories have the greatest potential. Adjust your portfolio to demand.

Innovation management & Product management

Discover product launches in real-time and see what drives future innovations before others do.

Identify every relevant product
launch worldwide.

From 99€ / month

Save time and have the confidence that you will never miss a product launch.

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Discovering trends before they happen

Stay ahead of the trends as the world changes

Be the first to discover new trends, features, and market insights